Critical Link International is committed to the advancement of community interpreting in the social, legal + healthcare sectors



The Critical Link network began in 1992 in Canada when Brian Harris, at the University of Ottawa, with the encouragement and support of Geoffrey Kingscott of Language International, gathered together a group of people working in the field to organize the first international conference on community interpreting.

In December 2000, Critical Link became incorporated as Critical Link Canada: National Council for the Development of Community Interpreting and in June 2010 Critical Link Canada became Critical Link International (CLI). This change to Critical Link better reflects the international community that Critical Link has become. While the name has changed, Critical Link continues as a non-profit organization committed to the advancement of the field of community interpreting in the social, legal and health care sectors. Critical Link works to reflect and connect both the visual and spoken language communities.


Mandate Fulfillment

  • Promoting the establishment of standards which guide the practice of community interpreters
  • Encouraging and sharing research in the field of community interpretation
  • Adding to the discussion about the educational and training requirements for community interpreters
  • Advocating for the provision of professional community interpreting services by social, legal and health care institutions
  • Raising awareness about community interpreting as a profession

Founding Members

Diana Abraham, Silvana Carr, Lucille Cormier, Marco Fiola, Nathan Garber, Brian Harris, Lyndon Hrytzak, Karen Malcolm, Roda Roberts, Dini Steyn, Terese Szlamp-Fryga.