Critical Link 3

The third international Critical Link conference was held in Montreal in 2001 from May 22 to May 26. The conference theme was Interpreting in the Community: The Complexity of the Profession.

The program, attracting more than four hundred participants from twenty countries, included 80 paper presentations, 4 plenary sessions, 6 workshops, and 2 round table discussions. Simultaneous interpretation in French and English as well as in five forms of sign language was provided at most of the sessions.

Pre-conference workshops in the form of six three-hour sessions focussed on sign language, pre-interpreting skills and consecutive, legal and telephone interpreting. All of the 115 participants in this pre-conference program received a continuing education certificate from the Université de Montréal.

Critical Link 3 Papers

Selected papers from the Critical Link 3 conference, held in Montreal in 2001, are collected in the Benjamins publication The Critical Link 3: Interpreters in the Community, edited by Louise Brunette, George Bastin, Isabelle Hemlin and Heather Clarke. Papers not included in this volume are available in PDF form below.

Bahadir, Sebnem—Turkey
The Empowerment of the Community Interpreter: The Right to Speak With a Voice of One’s Own

de Mas, Sarah—U.K.
The EU, Translation, Interpreting and Legal Rights:
The Law and Reality

Estany, Myriam and Rosa Linda Guadarrama—U.S.A.
Focused Delivery Service Model

Fleury, François and Madelein Cuha—Switzerland.
Behind Every Word, there are More Words that Evoke the Worst

Goulet, Caroline—Canada.
Community Interpreting Services in Small Towns: A Success Story that is Threatened?

Hale, Sandra—Australia.
“Excuse Me, the Interpreter Wants to Speak” – Interpreter Interruptions in the Courtroom: Why Do Interpreters Interrupt and What are the Consequences?

Lam, Phyllis—Canada.
Riverdale’s Own Interpreters Project

Milton, John and Lucia Helena de Sena Franca—Brazil.
The Selection and Training of Interpreters in the Community at the Catholic University, São Paulo

Nagao, Hiromi—Japan.
Working Conditions of Court Interpreters in Japan

Parra, Adriana—Canada.
Community Interpreters: Full-Fledged Professionals

Phelan, Mary—Ireland.
Community Interpreting in Ireland

Roy, Ghislaine and Angali Kapoor-Kohli—Canada.
Beyond Words: Bridging the Gap

Séro-Guillaume, Philippe—France.
Sign Language Interpreting

Shyr, Ming—Canada.
Opening Remarks

Spring, Merie—Australia.
Evolution of Language Services: The Australian Scene from Infant to Teenager

Villarreal, Yrma—U.S.A.
A Quest for the Professionalization of the Chicago Area Court Interpreters

Villeneuve, Suzanne—Canada.
Closing Remarks

Vonk, Marja—Netherlands.
Certification in the Netherlands

The text of the papers is in the exact format provided by the author and has not been edited or altered in any way.